Scorpion's news (May 2017)

2017.05.27 00:13
Scorpion's news (May 2017)

Dear colleagues, 

Few days ago in the "Scorpion" system there were another updates. We shortly inform you about them:

1) In the round robin tournaments the schedule of certain groups is available now. It is convenient since spectators and players are now able to watch the games results only in a particular group (league), and for organizers this option will allow to enter the results in different groups in parallel, when they have more than one person for this job. Here is an example of the schedule,  then click on the Gr1, Gr2 and so on;

2) On the "Scorpion" home page, and on the tournaments page you can see now the number of participants of the tournament. So it is possible to immediately assume the large-scale participation of the future tournaments and those that are already done; 

3) In a player profile it now shows all tournaments in which he took part, conducted by the "Scorpion" and the place he took in a particular tournament. Here is an example of the current European champion Edgars Caics ;

4) We have introduced a useful option both for participants and for spectators - now for the certain stages of the tournament it is possible to have the date and time. Thus, the organizers will reduce the number of questions asked from the participants during the tournaments and the players themselves are less to be late to the beginning of the stages. For the future we kindly ask players to remind the organizers to put the date and time of the beginning of stages in "Scorpion" either before the tournament or during it;

5) In the "World ranking" we added a possibility to make selection according to World ranking for the country or certain cities. Thus, in the "Scorpion" you can see now not only the overall world ranking, but also to form national and cities rankings, and see the position of a certain player in them;

6) For the administrators of the tournaments, we made a possibility to add the group of players in a participant list. To do this, it is enough to use the search (by country, city, world ranking, personal data) to find the required players, to mark them, and they will immediately appear in the list of registered players;

7) And another important option: the players now can unregister themselves from the tournament. If the player is already registered to the tournament, for whatever reason, decided not to participate, he's able to remove himself from the list of participants. Previously, this possibility was only available to the administrators of the tournaments.

Soon in the "Scorpion" will appear:

1) The calculation of estimated points in the World ranking, which the participants of any tournament that held in the "Scorpion" will
receive. This information can be seen in the list of participants of any tournament. The entire base is ready, we introduced the concept of "tournament level" and "tournament index" in the system. Thus, in the list of registered players in each tournament you can see future points in the World ranking that all participants will get;

2) For the active users of the system, the possibility to publish their announcements, news, analytical materials, etc. under "Latest news". 

Information: "Scorpion" system was created in 2010 for the convenience of arranging table hockey tournaments. The system is constantly being improved, the plan of its development is constructed for several years ahead. A lot of different tournaments are being held in "Scorpion" every month: from the world championships and the World tour stages to the local tournaments. The "Scorpion" is used in such countries as Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Estonia and others. 

Scorpion's development team

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Author: Scorpion's development team