XVI World Championship 2019 LADIES

XVI Table Hockey World Championship will be held in sports complex RAUBICHI, Belarus, June 14-16, 2019.

RAUBICHI – Republican center of Olympic training is situated in picturesque place at 20 km from the capital of Minsk. The main factor in choosing a place for holding World Championship is that RAUBICHI an ideal place for staging from viewpoint of conveniences for participants and guests of tournament. A gym where the tournament will be hold on is situated on the territory of sports complex.

There are two hotels for 220 persons and 15 guest houses for 74 persons.

Food for sportsmen and guests will be organized in the hotels.

Futsal pitches, basketball courts as well as the Russian baths can be organized for those who will have a spare time and interest.

Close location to Minsk will allow getting quickly to the city and admiring the beauty of our capital.

Web-site of sports complex: http://rau.by/english

Link for a map: www.rau.by/karta-proezda
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Statuss Noslēdzies
Valsts Baltkrievija
Pilsēta Minska
Adrese ARENA: Sports complex RAUBICHI
E-mail waznik@yandex.ru
Reģistrācijas sākums Scorpion 01.06.2019 19:00
Reģistrācijas beigas Scorpion 03.06.2019 23:00
Turnīra datums 14.06.2019
Время начала 09:30
Dalībnieku 21
Name [ENG] Statuss Ilgums Datums un laiks Dalībnieki Grafiks un rezultāti Tabulas
- 1 -
Group Noslēdzies 1 14.06.2019 00:00 Dalībnieki Grafiks un rezultāti Tabulas
- 2 -
Play-off Noslēdzies 7 14.06.2019 00:00 Dalībnieki Grafiks un rezultāti Tabulas