Swedish Masters Junior

Tournament type Individual
Status Finished
Country Sweden
City Malmo
Beginning of the registration 27.01.2015 00:00
Finishing of the registration 31.01.2015 00:00
Date of the tournament 07.02.2015
Participants 24

Name Status Duration Date and time Participants Schedule and results Tables
- 1 -
Group stage Finished 1 Participants Schedule and results Tables
- 2 -
Playoff Finished 5 Participants Schedule and results Tables

Text versionFinal standings
Name Country City
1 Oscar Henriksson Sweden Piteå
2 Rene Huhtala Finland Naantali
3 Jan Pelkonen Finland Naantali
4 Kevin Eriksson Finland Turku
5 Mikko Haveri Finland Turku
6 Magnus Klippen Norway Kvernaland
7 Øystein Klippen Norway Kvernaland
8 Vegard Klippen Norway Kvernaland
9 Lauri Törnström Finland Naantali
10 Jan Sladek Czech Republic Příbram
11 Amund Risa Fylling Norway Kvernaland
12 David Nilsson Sweden
13 Benjamin Suominen Finland Naantali
14 Michal Kobrle Czech Republic
15 Thorbjørn F. Hestvaag Norway Kverneland
16 Gustav Brådland Norway
17 Torbjørn Kverneland Norway Kvernaland
18 Uno Osterman Sweden Stockholm
19 Sondre Efteland Johansen Norway Kvernaland
20 Andreas Fjermestad Norway Kvernaland
21 Liv Osterman Sweden Stockholm
22 Robin Holmgren-Gellersten Sweden Malmo
23 Elin Hellman France
24 Benjamin Andersson Sweden