3Tuna Bordshockeyondag #(11) Special Summer Edition

Following the success of our Season Closing Table, we feel that the interest seems to be a summer edition here in Eskilstuna. We thought of holding this event next Wednesday 6/7. It becomes like a regular 3Tuna Borshockeyonsdag.

For us to run so you have that would make some people. You must therefore be careful to check "kommer", if you kommer.

This will most likely be the last table hockey Wednesday for the summer. So be there or be square!
Tournament type Individual
Status Finished
Country Sweden
City Eskilstuna
Address Kriebensgatan 5
Beginning of the registration 29.06.2016 08:00
Finishing of the registration 06.07.2016 17:50
Date of the tournament 06.07.2016
Participants 18

Name Status Duration Date and time Participants Schedule and results Tables
- 1 -
Gruppspel Finished 1 Participants Schedule and results Tables
- 2 -
A slutspel Finished 5 Participants Schedule and results Tables
- 3 -
B Slutspel Finished 5 Participants Schedule and results Tables

Text versionFinal standings
Name Country City
1 Markus Nilsson Sweden Stockholm
2 Jerry Wikström Sweden Stockholm
3 Fredric Axelsson Sweden Stockholm
4 Richard Pedersen Sweden Örebro
5 Jimmy Mardell Sweden Stockholm
6 Fredrik Hansson Sweden Gothenburg
7 Felix Wirstrom Sweden Katrineholm
8 Henrik Nilsson Sweden Västerås
9 Filip Wirström Sweden Eskilstuna
10 Robin Westergren Sweden Eskilstuna
11 Anders Pettersson Sweden Lännäs
12 Wilhelm Pössl Sweden Västerås
13 Eddie Nilsson Sweden Västerås
14 Susanna Possl Sweden Västerås
15 Lars Söderkvist Sweden Eskilstuna
16 Rikard Nässelkvist Sweden Eskilstuna
17 Mikael Ikonen Sweden Eskilstuna
18 Annika Persson Sweden Eskilstuna